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What is Carbogenetics

Carbogenetics comes from the word “carbogen.” Carbogen is a combination of carbon dioxide and oxygen. Normally it is breathed in with a combination of 5% carbon dioxide and 95% oxygen.
While the product aim to improve tissue oxygenation, improve energy and enhance healing there have been no studies to claim that it will likely do it for you. Any testimonial you see on the website is that individual’s experience. Their physiology is unique from yours and they may have being doing other therapies in conjunction with our products. The experiences of others are not a controlled study so should be taken as their experience. Additionally any research found on the site is to show the physiology of carbon dioxide. The studies do not represent what are products are able to do.


Our products specialize in using carbon dioxide to help


Administer oxygen therapy promptly and improve lung function to effectively reduce hypoxia and enhance oxygenation levels in the body.


Promote physical activity and maintain proper hydration to increase blood flow, optimizing circulation for overall health.


Enhance respiratory efficiency and boost cardiovascular health to improve oxygen delivery to the cells, vital for overall well-being and vitality.


Elevate blood circulation and optimize vascular function to increase tissue perfusion.


Enhance microcirculation through  exercise and a balanced diet to improve tissue oxygenation and nutrient delivery.


Promote expedited wound healing through proper wound care and a healthy lifestyle to accelerate the body's natural recovery processes.


Achieve firmer and softer skin by incorporating a balanced skincare routine that includes moisturizing and firming products.


Boost your metabolism through regular exercise and a well-balanced diet to support weight management and overall health.


Alleviate body pain by practicing good posture, regular stretching, and targeted pain management strategies to improve overall comfort.

Demonstration of BodyStream and Carbohaler Increase Oxygen to Tissues

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Why is tissue oxygenation and increased perfusion important?

When you deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the cell it is able to thrive by creating more energy to allow for greater functioning healing. The basics of how carbon dioxide works in the body: Carbon dioxide is necessary for oxygen to be delivered to the cells and vital organs. It not only released oxygen from the hemoglobin but also pulls oxygen into the cells, vasodilates for increased blood flow, decreases capillary resistance and mproves removal of waste products. Oxygen delivery to the cells is necessary to create ATP which is essentially cellular energy. With oxygen there are 36 ATP generated from glucose. Without oxygen your cells are not able to generate much energy at only 2 ATP. There have been many studies showing that carbon dioxide delivered the appropriate many can decrease hypoxia. Hypoxia means areas where they is lack of oxygen. Through a variety of mechanisms CO2 lowers hypoxia and increases the use of oxygen within the cells allowing you to energize and rejuvenate.

Why Carbogenetics

Carbogenetics is the only company specializing in creating high quality products to help improve your general health and well-being through carbon dioxide therapy. We have many new products in the pipeline to be even more beneficial for you.

Carbogenetic Products Talked about in Podcasts

The following podcasts talk about how some people have used our products. Anything they have done are not representative of what you wil experience using the products. They are often doing other treatment modalities in conjection with the Carbogenetic products. Most of what they say in how it’s working is speculation and not the result of any studies using our products.

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Our Products



As low as $84/mo with



As low as $39/mo with

CO2 Increase Microcirculation
and Capillary Profileration

As we age and through certain medical conditions our capillary function withers
away making it difficult to get oxygen and nutrients to the cells and vital organs.
CO2 has been shown to increase microcirculation allows your cells to
get more oxygen and generate more energy/ATP.


What Our Clients Says

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