Have you heard of carboxytherapy? It’s an increasingly more popular cosmetic ‘procedure’ where they inject pure carbon dioxide underneath the skin. The reasoning for why it works is that carbon dioxide increases blood flow to the surface of the body while also increasing the oxygen via the bohr effect. The bohr effect states that the oxygen loses it’s affinity for hemoglobin due to the presence of carbon dioxide allowing the nearby cells to utilize oxygen more efficiently. More oxygen utilization in turn also produces more carbon dioxide. This increases the metabolic rate of the cells and reduces pro-aging metabolic waste such as lactic acid and calcium in the cells. Additionally as a Lewis Acid, carbon dioxide reduces access electrons and increases the ratio of NAD to NADH thus producing a more youthful metabolism and appearance.

The results from simply injecting carbon dioxide underneath the skin are very powerful.  This news report calls it a beauty breakthrough.

As we age blood becomes more viscous. Also as we age and our metabolism slows, less blood flow and reaches the extremities of the body. This can be from less elasticity of the blood vessels as well as constriction of them due to a low metabolic rate. In a low metabolic rate the blow flood is restricted to be more inward for the vital organs.

The carbon dioxide therapeutic bath works very similar to carboxytherapy. The carbon dioxide therapy bath allows you to bathe in an environment of 100% co2. Carbon dioxide is easily absorbed in this type of environment through the skin. Many studies have shown the benefits bathing in pure co2 for increasing microcirculation, improving skin quality, and reducing spider veins, cellulite and varicose veins. Spraying water on your skin while in the bag increase the absorption of the carbon dioxide.

Currently our carbon dioxide bath is still at our pre-launch prices. A carbon dioxde bath is something you can do in the comfort of your own home. You can use it for however long you want and whenever you want. Carboxytherapy while extremely effective is an expensive and invasion treatment that only allows you to isolate certain areas of the body where the treatment is being done. The carbon dioxide bath is non-invasive and allows you to do the entire body up to the neck during every treatment. The bath also has greater physiological benefit to the entire body.

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